Saturday, 29 June 2013

My Holiday Outfits

Every time I'm going on holiday I always get over excited and buy far too many clothes. Then I think, what am I doing buying all these clothes I live in rainy Manchester?! So this year I didn't go too mad. I thought, right, I'm going away for 7 nights so I will just buy 7 outfits instead of the usual 12-15 to choose between and then worrying about my case being overweight! 

I've come to the conclusion that I think a prefer winter clothes. Even though I LOVE summer I think i just prefer winter fashion, layering, boots etc. But I always love to buy new clothes for holidays as I hardly ever get to wear summer clothes in England!


Kaftan - Missguided

Maxi Dress - River Island

Dress - Asos
Shoes - Primark

Top & Skirt - Forever 21

Top - Asos 
Vintage Levis -Ark

Playsuit - Missguided

Dress - Missguided

Top - Asos
Shorts -Primark
Shoes - Primark

I apologise for the quality of some of these pictures, my camera kept playing up and it went pitch black at about 8 o'clock at night so the lighting was pretty bad to take photo's! But there are all my outfits :) I think my fave outfit was probably the Vintage Levis with the black Asos vest even though it's the most plain outfit! 

Kayleigh xx

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Egypt 2013...

Hello! :)

So last week I was on holiday with my boyfriend, we went to Sharm El Sheik in Egypt for 7 nights. It was such a nice chilled out break. The hotel was gorgeous and it was a lovely place, but because we were all inclusive we missed going out to different restaurants every night like we usually do on holiday. Apart from that though we had a really nice time :) The only excursion we did was quad biking, because we were only there for a week we didn't get chance to do too much, but that was fab especially in the desert! We also had a meal on the beach on the last night which was so nice being right next to the sea and looking up at the stars! 

We stayed in The Hilton Sharm Waterfalls Resort, it was a beautiful hotel it had 7 pools and had its own private beach. The only thing that let it down really was that it didn't really have entertainment at night, so there wasn't much to do after we had dinner! 

Anyway here are a few pics from my holiday :) I will probably do another blogpost with some of my holiday outfits as well..

Kayleigh xx

Monday, 3 June 2013

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

This is my new favourite thing! I have about a million nail polishes and love changing the colour of my nails all the time but I always hated waiting for them to dry. I'd always end up smudging them even after it seemed like I'd waited for ages for them to dry! 
This stuff is amazing if you are in a rush painting your nails. It says it dries your nails in 30 seconds and it really does. I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it is, I thought it would still take a while to dry but it does exactly what it says on the tin. Not only does it dry your nails super fast but it makes them sooo shiny! I've never used a topcoat that makes my nails look so shiny I'm really impressed with it. I bought mine from boots for £5.99 which i think is an okay price as it's a really good product.

Have you tried Sally Hansen Insta-Dri?

Kayleigh xx
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