Friday, 23 August 2013

I've been buying...

Bag - Asos

Kimono - New Look

Dress - Primark (Via Asos)

Dress - Asos

Shoes - Ark

Necklaces - Peacocks

Dress - Asos

So most of the stuff I have been buying recently is for my holiday, I'm going to Menorca in a weeks, yay :)
While I was looking for cute dresses on Asos I found this amazing bag! It was £75, which personally I probably wouldn't spend on a bag, down to £37 in the sale! So obviously I had to pick up that bargain. For some reason it has gone back up to £75 so it must of just been a flash sale, boo! :(
The Kimono from New Look, I just thought it was so cute, I think it must be sold out as I can't find it online. I wore this the other day with leggings and a plain black top and it looked really nice, I think kimonos can really jazz up a plain outfit.
I bought the yellow cami from River Island to go with some shorts for a holiday outfit, but I will probably wear it with printed trousers as well. I love these little cami's for holidays.
The Primark dress that everyone seems to have at the moment! I just think it's so cute though and it looks a lot more expensive than £13! I bought this and the swing dress from my Wishlist from Asos which i love, it's really flattering on.
I needed some black sandals to go with a few of my holiday outfits but I couldnt seem to find any anywhere now the Autumn stuff is in the shops. I couldn't even find any I liked on Ebay! But then I found these on Ark and I love them. Usually this style doesn't suit me as I have quite skinny legs and narrow feet but you can adjust the straps on the front so they look okay.
I love these necklaces from Peacocks! I don't really get much from there clothing wise, but their jewellery is lovely!
The Maxi dress from Asos is gorgeous and such a bargain at £14! It's listed on the website as a beach dress, but I will probably be wearing this at night, I'd feel a bit too dressed up on the beach in this!

Kayleigh xx

Monday, 19 August 2013

YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation Review

When I tested this foundation out at Duty Free at the airport I though wow I have to have this! I'm usually quite fussy with foundations, I've used Estee Lauder Double Wear for 8 years now and I've tried other foundations but nothing seemed to be as good for me. Although I love it, I wanted a glowy foundation for summer. I've tried the Nars sheer glow but the coverage wasn't great for my skin, and it stuck to my dry bits! I thought I would give the YSL foundation a try and I ended up wearing it every night on holiday, I love it!

It's not as full coverage as Double Wear but it's enough coverage for me as it is build able, I just have to put a bit of concealer on if i'm having a break out. It looks so pretty on its really glowy, I wore it on holiday with the Bourjois cream blushers and I just loved having that dewy look! It comes with a pump already as well which I love. To me it looks like my skin has been airbrushed, but doesn't look like I have loads of make up on if that makes sense? 

I absolutely love this foundation and I would defiantly recommend it especially if you have dry skin like me and are looking for a bit of a glow!

The shade I wear is B40

Kayleigh xx

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

ASOS Wishlist - Swing/Smock Dresses

So, I am pretty much obsessed with ASOS. It's defiantly becoming my favourite places to buy clothes (Sorry Primark!) I am always looking at all the pretty clothes on there, especially on the app. I just think they have such a good variety of stuff on there..and the delivery is free! I have about 50 items on my ASOS Wishlist at the moment haha, so I thought I would just show you a few of the Swing/Smock dresses on my wishlist, as I'm loving this style of dress at the moment!

1 2 3 4

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