Saturday, 29 November 2014

America - New York Day 1 & 2

Next stop, New York!

New York is one of those places I've wanted to go to since I was little. We went on the 'red eye' overnight flight from Vegas to New York so when we got there we were so tired and had to have a little nap before we went to explore! 
We stayed in a hotel called Yotel, which was really nice, it was basic and small but for the money it was great and in a fab location in Manhattan. I couldn't believe how busy it was, especially in Times Square! We just had a little wander round, had something to eat and bought some tickets for a tour bus. Im a little geeky like that, I love learning about places and I'm a proper tourist!
We then went to Planet Hollywood for something to eat later on that night, which was amazing!

Our second day we got on the tour bus and went to various different places. My favourite place was Central Park, I didn't realise how huge it was though! We went to the One World Trade Center, and where the twin towers were, but we didn't go to the 9/11 museum until our last day. I still can't stop thinking about it even today, especially after going to the museum. You see what happened on the television etc, but when your there it makes you realise even more how devastating it was.

This just reminds me of all the films! :)

Kayleigh x

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

America - Las Vegas Last 2 Days

So our last couple of days in Vegas! It was weird because I really wanted to stay because I love it so much and even though it was my third time there I still felt like there was things we hadn't done! But we were so excited to be going to New York as none of us had been there so it was new to us both and its somewhere I've always wanted to go.

We went to IHop for the first time for breakfast, I'm surprised I wasn't sick of pancakes as I was having them at Denny's every morning too! We then went to The Venetian to go on the gondola rides which was really nice. We then went to the Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden at our hotel, I loved seeing the dolphins and watching them be fed, trained etc. 
At night we went to watch Mamma Mia at the Tropicana Hotel - We loved it! I love the film and I have seen the show before a few years back, it's such a feel good musical. After the show we went up to the top of the 'Eiffel Tower' at Paris hotel, the views are amazing from there! Especially watching the Bellagio fountains.

How huge is the stratosphere!

Inside the Venetian…

Views from the Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel…

Last views from our room!

Kayleigh x
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