Sunday, 31 August 2014


Wow, I havn't blogged for a LONG time.
Well, lots of stuff has seemed to have happened in the last 10 months!

We bought a house!

Me and my boyfriend bought our first house together! After years of saving and months of looking and people out bidding us on various houses we found our lovely little house at the beginning of the year. We had a bit of work to do so I may do some blog posts on before and after decorating :)

We got engaged!

Ahhh..we went on a holiday we had been planning for a while in May, 5 nights in Las Vegas and 5 nights in New York. It was so amazing (I will do some blog posts on that, I have lots of videos also I may put on YouTube if I'm feeling confident haha) and it topped it off getting engaged in Central Park on the last night! It was so lovely, we went for a nice meal in The Boathouse restaurant, and then on the walk back through central park, my boyfriend got down on one knee! Yes, I cried!

About a month after we got back from America, we found out even more exciting news..We are expecting a baby! We are so excited and couldn't believe it, it's been a crazy few months to say the least! I'm 16 weeks pregnant now, the baby is due on 13th February, so maybe a valentines baby?!
We are still undecided weather to find out the sex or not, were excited to find out, but would also like a surprise when its born! Any opinions would be appreciated haha! 

So that's whats been happening in the last few months, and hopefully I will be getting back into blogging now we are settled in the house etc.


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