Monday, 19 March 2012

Outfit of the day...

I went to the cinema and for a meal with my boyfriend the other day...this is what i wore!
We went to see 21 jump street, it's sooo funny!

The shorts are from H&M 
Blouse is from Primark (about a year old)
Necklace Earrings and shoes are from Ebay
& Leather Jacket is from Topshop (quite old!)

Love the Primark top I just think you can wear it in so many ways, sometimes i wear it with jeans, and sometimes I wear it open with a long vest tights and a belt!
The shorts i bought a couple of weeks ago for my holidays but thought why not wear them with tights in England!
I buy quite a bit of jewellery from Ebay, there are so many usual things on there and everything is pretty cheap! The necklace was £3.50 and the earrings were around £8.

Kayleigh xx

Monday, 5 March 2012

Nails! :)

I got OPI's Temptation nail varnish for christmas after looking for it everywhere, how gorgeous is it! I wore it a lot around christmas and new year but i think its a colour you could wear all year round. 

My only complaint about it is that it does chip easily, even with a top and bottom coat, which i wasn't really expecting from an OPI nail varnish...but when I painted my false nails with it, it didn't chip as quickly..but apart from that it is amazing, really sparkly! :)

Kayleigh xx

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