Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Baby - 4D Scan

Before I got pregnant I always said I would never have a 4D scan. I don't know why, I think I just found them a bit weird! But after I realised the 20 week scan would be the last time I would see baba before he/she is born it made me really want one!
I am so glad we did, it was such an amazing experience. As soon as baba came up on the screen I wanted to cry! It was so cool to see all their features and see what he/she was up to (pouting and yawning!) 
For the first part of the scan baba was being shy and didn't want to show their face, so the lady who was doing the scan told us to go and have a walk for 10 minutes. When we went back in baba had moved so we got to see their full face, its crazy to think this little one is growing inside me!
As we are not finding out the sex, they stayed just near the head for the whole scan so we wouldn't see anything. We also had the HD 4D scan as the place where we went had an offer on for 1/2 price scans.
I would defiantly recommend having a 4D scan to anyone, even if like me you are a bit unsure, defiantly have one it's so amazing and worth every penny.

Can't wait to meet you baba!

Kayleigh x

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Pregnancy Update


So I haven't done a pregnancy post or update on my blog, and I am now 32 weeks pregnant! So I thought I would do a little post with my scan pictures etc over the past few months.

So these are the first couple of scans we had, the first one was at 8 weeks (little bean!) and the 2nd one was at 12 weeks and 6 days. It was amazing to see a little heartbeat, I wasn't expecting to see it so early on! At the 12 week scan she said it was a very active baby and it wouldn't stop moving!

Then we went for the 20 week scan, everything looked fine and they said he/she wouldn't stop moving again haha. We decided not to find out the sex of the baby. Even though at the time I was very tempted I'm glad we didnt now, I feel like it's more excting to have a suprise :)

Bump photos!

Bump at 13 weeks, 18 weeks, 22 weeks & 27 weeks

And a more up to date picture at 13 weeks!

Kayleigh xx

Thursday, 11 December 2014

America - New York Day 3 & 4

More sight-seeing in New York!
These last couple of days were my favourite in New York. 

Day 3 - We got on our good old tour bus again. I really wanted to go to the apartment where they filmed Carrie Bradshaw's apartment in Sex And The City in Greenwich Village, just feel like I had to while we were there! The village was lovely, it was just how I imagined New York after watching films etc.
We then went to see the Statue Of Liberty. We didn't end up getting off the boat as the ques to get back on were HUGE, but we got an amazing view from the boat. 
Next we went to the Rockerfella Center to do the Top of The Rock..Amazing! This was one of my favourite things to do in New York, the views were breathtaking! 

Day 4 - We had a walk along Brooklyn Bridge over to Brooklyn in the morning. I loved to see the view of Manhattan when we got to the other side! We then went to Central Park again and went on the boats which was lovely, I just love how in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of New York there was this really nice quiet peaceful place!
That night was one of the best nights ever!! We got engaged!!
We went back to Central Park to have a horse and carriage ride and eat at the Boathouse.  It was really nice as it is over looking the lake, it was really romantic. Then on the walk back through my boyfriend Rob proposed! It was sooo lovely and exciting, I was so happy I cried! We had tickets to go to the top of the Empire State Building which was amazing, but I think we were both so excited about the engagement we couldnt take it all in!

Kayleigh x

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