Thursday, 13 September 2012

Studded Shorts

So I really wanted a pair of studded shorts...but I had bought sooo many pairs of shorts for my holiday I just couldn't justify buying another pair. So i felt like being creative and I had a spare pair of denim shorts, so I bought some studs from ebay and thought i'll see how it goes! 
It was like the easiest thing ever! and i'm usually rubbish at things like this. First all i did was mark where i wanted the studs to go, which was on the pocket on this pair. Then to stud them i just literally poked the studs through! They have 4 bits on the other side you can just put through the material and then close them and then they are on, simple!

Shorts before (Vintage Levi's from Ark)


Shorts after! :) 


Close up of the studs

Next time I'm going to try studding the bottom of the shorts or maybe a top?
Have you studded any of your clothes?

Kayleigh xx


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