Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hope everyone had a lovely christmas and new year 
I had christmas day and boxing day off and then it was back to work for me :( But i still had a great time spending time with the family. I mainly got clothes of everyone and money, make up and bits & bobs :) I just thought I would post a few pictures to show you what I got up to :)

He's Been!

Just LOVE this wrapping paper!

Cute stockings for me and my sister..I know, i'm a big kid haha

Making popcorn with the machine my boyfriend bought me for Chritsmas, yum!!

My dog is so clever opening his present haha

Mac set off my sister..she knows me well :)


New years eve nails

New years eve!

New years eve outfit

Making our own Strawberry daiquiri's...they were actually nice! 

Me & my lovely nana on her birthday just after christmas 

Me & my best friend on a night out 

My new coat from ASOS in the sale! Love it! 

Love this Jewellery stand from my mum & dad for Christmas :)

Kayleigh xx


  1. I have that Mac from ASOS! I love it, I only brought it a few days before Christmas, gutted I missed it going in the sale. It looks lovely on you.




    1. aww no!! thats annoying! thank you :D i duno if it looks a bit long on me cos im quite short? haha xx

  2. Love your blog so much!! Great style, and excellent commentary.

    I have started a blog of my own. Not a fashion one like yours, but if you fancy a look....


    1. aww thank you thats so nice!! I'll come and have a look at your blog now :-) xx

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Gorgeous photos missy , love your trench xx


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