Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Babyliss Heated Rollers

These are my new fave thing!! I was always borrowing my mums heated rollers so my sister bought me these for my birthday and they are sooo good! I have kind of wavy hair but even though its quite thick its really flat if that makes sense? I back comb it but because its so soft it drops after like 10 minutes! So most of the time i've been using these! There really easy to put in and they heat up really quick. I usually leave them for about 20 minuites though so there quite hot and so the curl will last longer. 

They come with black grips and these metal clips but i prefer the black grips as they keep better hold of the roller in my hair.

Sometimes I do all my hair but at the minute Ive been leaving a section round the bottom and then curling the bottom section with straighteners just so theres a bit of a variety of curls. 

When I have applied them I spray a bit of hairspray on them and then leave them for about half an hour - 45 minutes, but it depends on how curly you want them really.

When I take them out im left with a really bouncy curl! and my hair looks really thick and voluminous! I always put a lot of hairspray on though afterwards so the curls stay in all night

 I love how If im going out I don't really feel like its an effort to do my hair as i just put these in and do my make up while there in and then take them out and I'm ready to go!

Kayleigh xx


  1. You're gorgeous! And your blog is adorable, definitely following now! Stay in touch xx

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    1. aww thank you! :) I've just followed your blog too :) xxx

  2. I love hot rollers! my hair is too short to use them, but I miss them. I cant wait until my hair is long again so I can use them!

  3. your hair looks amazing! wish my curls would actually stay in for longer than 10mins hah

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  4. Hey dear!
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  5. Aww your hair looks gorge!!! :)Do you use any other products to keep the curls in??


    Siobhan xx


    1. Thank you :) I just use hairspray! put it on them while there in and then when ive took them out put a bit on, they don't really stay in overnight but they will stay in all night while i'm out :) xx

  6. Sounds like we have the same hair type - I'm always struggling with curls! Definitely going to save up for these and try them out - your hair looks amazing! xxx

    1. aww thank you! They are really reasonable too they were only £30 from boots! xxx

  7. Looks soo good! Your hair is beautiful xxx

    1. aww thank you! The rollers are sooo good xx


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