Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Thea's 16 Month Update

So I haven't done an update on here since Thea was 6 months old! I film her almost everyday and take (a LOT) of photos, but I realised I wanted some sort of diary to remember what she was doing at each stage. So I thought I would write an update now. She was 16 months old on the 10th June, and I cannot believe I have an almost 1 and a half year old!! It's actually scary how fast its gone, it seems 2 minutes ago I found out I was pregnant! I actually wish I could re-live the first year of her life, we had SO much fun together on my maternity leave, and I think because it's all such a big change (and the sleepless nights!) most of the first few months especially are a blur and I would love to go back and enjoy it all over again. Ah well at least I have the Vlogs :)

So Thea started walking properly on the 12th April just a couple of days after she turned 14 months. She was walking for what seemed like ages with her walker, and holding our hands etc. But when we let go, its like she thought 'no chance!" and got back down haha. Then, when she did it there was no stopping her, I thought we would need to keep encouraging her to walk on her own but it was like as soon as she found her feet she was off! She was running after about a couple of weeks and refusing to even hold our hands!

The biggest change I have noticed in the past few months is her speech. She has always been quite a chatty baby, babbling baby language and she was saying mama/dada/baba act when she was around 6-7 months old, but now she is really understanding what words mean. She knows who everyone is, so she shouts for our attention, mama, dada, nana, pappou (grandad in greek - my dad), Nat Nat (Auntie Nat), Woof Woof (sammy the dog) Dee Dee (Auntie Denise) 'baba' (her doll), Archie (my friends little boy) and if I show her pictures she points at the person and shouts their name. She also says hello (ello) and picks up the phone and holds it to her ear, ello dada, ello pappou etc..yes, go, shoes, bye bye, ball, wow, narnar (banana), bobos, na nigh, dodo (dummy), again, more (although she says it more like 'mower' haha), book, Blash (splash), quick, kick, onnn (one) two, three, toes, nose, Peppie (peppa pig), MOOO (what does a cow do?) but her absolute favourite word is..NO :/ haha..she also now says 'mama no!' or 'dada no!' and bye bye nana/mama/dad etc..and she also said mama quick! to me the other day!

I love how we can communicate so much with her now, like she knows how to answer us with yes or no, and she shouts the persons name she wants the attention of, and if she wants to take me somewhere or show me something she shouts 'Mama!!' and grabs my hand and pulls me, which just melts my heart!
She knows how to point to her head, toes, tummy, nose and teeth. She also loves to sing along to songs like she likes especially 'Love is an open door' She sings the words she knows and then just babbles the rest of the song it's so cute!

I just love to see her little personality develop, she's like a proper little girl now.. (Where has our baby gone?!) She has us in stitches all the time and its amazing to see her learn something new everyday.

Her favourite things are..Peppa Pig! The Bright Stars Having a Ball toy, being outside in the garden, running around, balls, water table, baba (doll), the roundabout on the park, 'love is an open door' from Frozen, Belle from Beauty & The Beast soft toy, dogs.

Her favourite things to eat are..pasta, blueberries, bananas, crumpets, cottage pie, beans, rice crispies, quavers and oranges.


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