Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Back in May last year me and my boyfriend visited the beautiful city of Venice. It was his 30th Birthday last November, so i surprised him with a 2 night break as he has always wanted to go.

As soon as we got there we were like, wow..this is amazing! It honestly looked like a film set or something! It was lovely to go somewhere so completely different to anywhere we have ever been. 

I was looking forward to going obviously, but I loved it more than I even imagined and I would love to go back!  As we were only there 2 nights and only 1 full day, it was all go go go! Which I didn't mind because I think otherwise I would of been crying being away from Thea :( haha. 

When we first got there we just explored really. We stayed in a hotel called  Al Sole which was  in Santa Croce. I loved this area,it was beautiful but away from all the crowds of San Marco. 

Our first stop was finding somewhere to eat! We found a lovely little restaurant right on a canal where I had Pizza and Rob had Spaghetti Cabanara..The Pizza was honesty out of this world! When I came home I couldn't eat Pizza for ages because nothing would compare!! Also, a lot of people have said its really expensive when your there, where we stayed you could get a Pizza for 5 Euros!! We even ate at a restaurant on the Grand Canal one night and my pizza was only 7 Euros! I'm guessing if you ate in St Marks Square it would be more expensive but we didn't eat there. 

Talking of the Grand Canal…wow! It is beautiful..I feel like Venice is one of those places you can't explain how amazing and unusual it is..you have to just see for yourself. When we went on a Gondola, we went up the little side canals, and then the next minute it opened up and we were on the Grand Canal! It was one of those moments I will remember forever, it was such a beautiful view, and it was so calming and peaceful. 

Another must is going to the top of St Mark's Campanile. It is the bell tower of St Mark's Basilica and The view from here is AMAZING! 

We also went inside St Marks Basilica which was absolutely beautiful. 

I also got very excited when I realised there was a Sephora there (sad i know!) so we took a little trip there too haha.

Top - New Look
Trousers - Boohoo
Hat - Premark

The view from St Mark's Campanile

Jumpsuit - ASOS (Maternity!)
Kimono - New Look
Necklace - Primark

I would recommend going to Venice to anyone. It is such a beautiful place and I would love to go back one day!

Kayleigh x

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