Sunday, 29 January 2012

First one ... :)

This is my first ever blog post...eeek! lol not really sure where to start, so thought i would talk about my favourite mascara. Well, my eyelashes are pretty much erm.. none existent, without mascara they are really short and really fair. I have used tons of different mascaras and they are all okay, the Max Factor False Lashes works pretty well, but i heard a few things about the Make Up Forever smokey lash, so when i went to Vegas in the summer i picked one up from Sephora. I LOVE it!! it's sooo good for my lashes it makes them look really long, compared to other mascaras anyway. I always put on a few coats and it doesn't clump either, but you could even get away with just using one coat it's that good!

You can also buy it from here if you are in the UK :)

Kayleigh xx

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