Thursday, 2 February 2012

Shellac Nails

I had shellac nails done a few months ago, and thought i would write a post on them as i really recommend them. 
To be honest i didn't know much about them before i got them done, me and my sister bought a deal from Groupon to get them done for £10 so i thought why not!
You can choose from a selection of colours, i chose this red colour...

Unlike acrylic nails they seemed to make my actual nails stronger. I took them off after two weeks, but only because i was getting bored of the colour and wanted a change. When i took them off my nails were really strong and had grown really long! 
The only thing i didn't like was taking them off...they recommend you go back to the salon to get them removed but there are loads of tutorials on YouTube on how to remove them.

The nails after two weeks...

Kayleigh xx

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