Saturday, 19 May 2012


So me and my boyfriend went to Chester for a couple of nights a few weeks ago. Its not far from where I live, only just under an hour drive, but I had never been before. I thought I would do a post with a few pics I took whist i was there :)

Whist we were there we went shopping and walked around the town centre, which is lovely, it's really cute and I love how all the shops are like old fashioned buildings it's really nice. On the second day we were supposed to go to Chester Zoo but it was raining so we just went to the cinema and Nandos instead haha!

And, I had to take a picture of this as it instantly made me think of the doll shop on Pretty Little Liars!

Kayleigh xx


  1. Wow that shop really does look like the one in Pretty Little Liars , which is my favourite program :-)

    1. Mine too I love it! I had to stop and take a pic haha :-) xx


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