Friday, 11 May 2012

Fashion Wishlist

So I just thought I would do a little wishlist of some of the fashion items I want at the moment! :)

Love these shorts from Missguided, I'd proberbly wear them with a baggy white vest top and maybe a long necklace
I saw this playsuit in the window off Miss Selfridge with a gold collar and it looked gorgeous! Really want it for when/if it starts getting warm!

More shorts i want from Missguided, I'd probably wear these the same way i would wear the striped ones, or maybe with a t-shirt.

I really want this dress from missguided for my holidays! I think it would look lovely with maybe a gold belt and gold sandals.

I just thought this outfit was so cute, and really in with the pastal trend. Another outfit i want for my holidays! Also from missguided

I love Geri Halliwell's bikini range from next. I bought one last year, to be honest its pretty much the same as this one but light blue haha! I just love florals though, and they are really good quality too.

Kayleigh xx


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    1. Thank you! :-) I'll take a look at your blog now :D x x x


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