Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Baby - 4D Scan

Before I got pregnant I always said I would never have a 4D scan. I don't know why, I think I just found them a bit weird! But after I realised the 20 week scan would be the last time I would see baba before he/she is born it made me really want one!
I am so glad we did, it was such an amazing experience. As soon as baba came up on the screen I wanted to cry! It was so cool to see all their features and see what he/she was up to (pouting and yawning!) 
For the first part of the scan baba was being shy and didn't want to show their face, so the lady who was doing the scan told us to go and have a walk for 10 minutes. When we went back in baba had moved so we got to see their full face, its crazy to think this little one is growing inside me!
As we are not finding out the sex, they stayed just near the head for the whole scan so we wouldn't see anything. We also had the HD 4D scan as the place where we went had an offer on for 1/2 price scans.
I would defiantly recommend having a 4D scan to anyone, even if like me you are a bit unsure, defiantly have one it's so amazing and worth every penny.

Can't wait to meet you baba!

Kayleigh x

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  1. oh wow! I always find these 4D scans so surreal! We didn't really consider having one, it just wasn't something that came up. Yours is amazing!

    I feel so sorry for you getting up 5/6 times a night, that would drive me insane!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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