Saturday, 10 January 2015

Maternity Wear: Casual


So I thought I would do a few posts about what I have been wearing while I have been pregnant!
So basically, I have been more or less living in swing dresses. They have been the best! So comfortable but I think they are flattering and stylish too, and another plus, I can wear them when I'm not pregnant!
My favourites are these ones from Boohoo, I have them in about 5 different colours! I love how comfy they are and you can wear them all through your pregnancy without feeling restricted. I also like to dress them up with a statement necklace if i'm going out.

The black and blue ones have really come in handy to wear at work as well.

I have also been wearing check shirts a lot with long tunic tops and leggings. I bought a size 10 in the tunic tops and they have been fine, although now I am getting towards the end they are getting a bit tight now. But as I wear the shirts open for layering they fit fine and another item I can wear when I have had the baby.
Sorry about the bad quality, I used my old camera!

Top: Boohoo
Shirt: New Look
Boots: New look

Shirt: New Look
Leather jacket: Topshop (old)
Top: Boohoo

I have also been wearing leggings a lot. I bought some maternity ones from Asos, but to be honest, I've been wearing my normal H&M leggings just as much, just wearing them underneath the bump.

What have you been wearing whilst being pregnant?

Kayleigh x


  1. You look absolutely adorable!! Although I'm not pregnant... I must say I still love wearing a great tunic with leggings. Must try layering a plaid shirt though - too cute!! xo


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